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Brown, P. (2014). My teacher is a monster. NY: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.

Robert thinks that his teacher, Ms. Kirby, is a monster because of her harsh behavior at school. That is until one day when he has a chance encounter with her in the park, and he saves her favorite hat. They then go to Robert’s favorite spot in the park where Ms. Kirby helps him fly a paper airplane. His perspective changes, but will it continue to be changed after he returns to school?

Visual Elements of Art:


In My Teacher is a Monster, lines play an important role in showing Bobby’s changing perspective of his teacher, Ms. Kirby. Bobby throws a paper airplane in class, represented by a dotted line, and is punished for throwing the airplane with no recess which is one occurrence that makes him think she is a monster. His view of her changes when he encounters Ms. Kirby in the park, and she shows him how to make the best paper airplane he has ever seen. Again, the paper airplane is represented by the dotted line now showing his changing opinion of Ms. Kirby possibly no longer being a monster.

Evaluative Criteria:


The subtle meaning in My Teacher is a Monster is about how children, as well as adults, perceive others to be without really knowing them. Specifically in this story, when Bobby sees Ms. Kirby outside of school, he sees her in a new way (not as a monster) compared to the way in which he views her at school. And in turn, Ms. Kirby sees a different side of Bobby when he saves her favorite hat. It is important for readers to see that such preconceived notions go both ways.



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