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Smith, L. (2011). It’s a book. NY: Roaring Brook.

As monkey sits reading a book, jackass bothers him with so many technology questions about the book. Monkey tries to explain over and over again that it is just a fun book to read- no charger, no scrolling, no tweeting, etc. Monkey ends with the poignant line, “It’s a book, jackass.”

Visual Elements of Art:


It’s a Book’s illustrator and author, Lane Smith, uses simplistic shapes, mostly squares and rectangles, to not only show the differences but also the similarities between the book that the monkey reads and the electronic device that the jackass uses. The simplicity of Smith’s work allows the reader to build upon his images.

Evaluative Criteria:


The author of It’s a Book uses repetition, rhyme, and wordplay in this brief but comical story. The repetition of the constant questions by the jackass and the repeated answer of, “It’s a book!” by monkey is seen on almost every other page. Although rhyme is not used heavily, it is subtly seen in the story. Lastly, the comical effect of word play is utilized through the short, snippy conversation between the monkey and jackass and the last comment from monkey, “It’s a Book, Jackass.”



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