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Deedy, C. A. (2007).   Martina the beautiful cockroach.  Atlanta, GA: Peachtree.

Martina Josefina Catalina Cucaracha is a beautiful cockroach, and it is time for her to get married. Her abuela gives her some shocking advice about how to choose the right man: spill coffee on his shoe and see how he reacts. Martina goes through this process with a rooster, pig, lizard, and finally a mouse. The mouse turns the trick on Martina and is able to win her heart thanks to both of their Cuban grandmothers.

Visual Elements of Art:


Martina the Beautiful Cockroach’s pages display vibrant colors throughout the story that represent the colorful, latin lifestyle in Havana. The scenes are draped in rich colors, radiating the feeling that Havana is a passionate city, full of love.The reds, oranges, and floral patterns automatically give this story a “tropical island” feel. The illustrator’s color choice for Martina also adds a beautiful, vibrant picture of a cute, green cockroach in contrast to the usual stereotype of dark and drab cockroaches, making Martina a more approachable character.

Evaluative Criteria:


In Martina the beautiful Cockroach, Martina is searching for a husband, but she is having a hard time finding anyone who can meet her abuela’s strict standards. She goes through many obstacles (potential husbands), but the resolution comes when she finally meets the mouse who also must find someone to live up to his abuela’s standards.



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