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Falconer, I. (2009). Olivia. NY: Atheneum.

Olivia can do just about anything! She has a little brother, Ian, who drives her crazy, but she still likes him. Olivia is busy all day long and is never very tired. She loves the beach and the museum, and she even tries to do some painting of her own. Even when she gets in a little trouble, her mother reads to her before bed.

Visual Elements of Art:


Although color doesn’t seem to be a major aspect of Olivia’s illustrations, it is extremely important. The illustrator uses the color red to represent Olivia’s vibrant personality in contrast to the mundane monochromaticity of everyday life. Red can also represent determination as well as passion, desire, and love which are characteristics that the reader definitely associates with Olivia.

Evaluative Criteria:


Olivia is the perfect example of a defined and developed character in literature. She is strong willed, independent, creative, and also likable; she is a child who might be reading this picture book. When she visits the beach, she must master the sand castle; when she visits the museum, she wants to become a painter, etc. Olivia never stops and is constantly striving for more throughout each day.



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