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Munsch, R. (2012). The paperbag princess. NY: Annick Press.

Princess Elizabeth loses her castle, prince, and even her clothes to a fire breathing dragon. When she find this dragon, she is able to trick him into using all of his fire and energy. She rescues Prince Ronald, and he responds by telling her that she can come back to him when she is dressed like a princess again. Elizabeth realizes that maybe marrying a prince isn’t the life for her.

Visual Elements of Art:


The Paper Bag Princess’s illustrator, Michael Martchenko, uses the contrast of light and dark marks to contrast the idea of the original princess as a comparison to the point in time at which she is the paper bag princess. After she loses her castle and clothes, the princess’s look changes. She is shaded much more heavily and the markings are heavier on the pages. These heavy markings give the illusion of roughness versus smoothness.

Evaluative Criteria:


The Paper Bag Princess teaches the reader a valuable lesson without blatantly stating it. The overarching theme is that a girl does not always have to do what a man expects of her, and maybe marrying a prince isn’t every girl’s dream. Being independent and self confident is another key theme readers may gather from the story.

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