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Wiesner, D. (2001).   The three pigs.  NY:  Clarion.

The story starts out like the original Three Little Pigs, but then the pigs break out of the old story by outsmarting the wolf. The pigs then travel through different fairy tales, and eventually end up back in the brick house of the third pig. With the help of the other fairy tale characters, they keep the wolf out of the house and live happily ever after.  

Visual Elements of Art:


The Three Pigs author and illustrator, David Wiesner, starts with a traditional cartoonish drawing style but then changes to a more realistic and three-dimensional style. The reader can see the difference in the textures which helps the reader to understand whether the pigs are in the fairytale or the new world of the book’s pages. The reader first sees this contrast on page 3 when the first pig is able to get to safety on the pages of the book. These two concepts continue to be intertwined until the final page of the story in which Wiesner returns to the traditional cartoon stylings.

Evaluative Criteria:


Illustrations within the story The Three Pigs help the reader to understand the difference between the two world; the fairy tale world and the book’s pages’ world. If only words were on the pages, there would be no way for the reader to infer that the first pig had escaped from the wolf and onto the pages of the book. The illustrations become even more valuable as the pigs fold up the storybook’s pages to travel along. By the end, they have found their way to a happily ever after back in the storybook style pages.

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