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Klassen, J. (2012). This is not my hat. Boston, MA: Candlewick.

The little fish does not think that the big fish will notice that his hat has gone missing during a nap. The little fish then thinks that he can hide and won’t be found. In the end, the big fish finds the little fish and takes back his hat. But will we ever know what happened to the little fish?

Visual Elements of Art:


The author and illustrator of This is Not My Hat uses simple shapes to convey an underwater story. Although the two fish are similar in shape (large ovals), the author uses a change in the size of the shapes to show how the smaller fish compares to the larger. He also uses other simplistic shapes such as circles as bubbles and long lines as algae.

Evaluative Criteria:


The setting of This is Not My Hat is obviously under the sea, as the reader can notice through the illustrations. Although the setting is minimalistic, there is no question as to where the action takes place. The characters also lend themselves to the setting as they are aquatic creatures (i.e. two fish and a crab) swimming around algae and underwater plants.

Lesson Plan



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