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Holm, J. (2014). Comics squad: Recess! NY: Random House.

This amusing and intriguing comic book style graphic novel is the perfect book for children of all ages. The animated stories bring the characters to life including Baby Mouse and Lunch Lady. The conglomeration of stories from multiple authors gives unique perspectives on the theme: recess.

Evaluative Criteria for Fantasy:


Comics Squad: Recess features comic strip/graphic novel style stories by different authors but that are all connected by their same color scheme of black, white and orange.  There are a range of writing styles represented to show each artist’s unique qualities which help the book flow smoothly.


All of the stories within Comics Squad: Recess are held together by the theme of recess, and many of the stories also feature aspects of fantasy. The recess theme is consistent throughout but seen in different ways including through a lunch lady fighting a pizza monster, a magic acorn, a cupcake with superpowers, mean vegetables, and an evil cat who erases all the words in books to make other dumb. Although this is a collection of individual stories, the common theme throughout is what make this compilation so great.

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