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Bell, C. (2014). El deafo. New York: Abrams.

Cece tells the story her hearing loss at a young age in the form of a graphic novel. Her experiences with the Phonic Ear are awkward and hilarious. Through her  hearing devices, she learns that she can hear the teachers everywhere and uses that to her advantage. Cece’s search to find her place in school and in the world is seen as she grows older and becomes more comfortable in herself. 

Textbook Assignment: 


This story is in comic strip or graphic novel style about the hearing deficient, Cece.

How to Sell the Book-

El Deafo is the perfect graphic novel for the student who loves humor and loves to see an underdog succeed.

Three Books by the Same Author-

  1. Itty Bitty (2009)
    1. Different- not autobiographical
    2. Similar- illustration style
  2. Bee-Wigged (2008)
    1. Similar- autobiographical in a sense and same illustration style
  3. Food Friends (2006)
    1. Different- made for children of a younger age

Lesson Plan




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