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Hale, S. (2008).  Rapunzel’s revenge. NY: Bloomsbury.

The main character is Rapunzel, a young girl raised in a well-guarded villa by a woman she thinks is her mother. When Rapunzel learns that the woman is in fact an evil sorceress who rules the land with an iron fist, she tries to escape, only to end up imprisoned in a high tower, her hair cursed to grow endlessly. But rather than waiting for any handsome prince to come along and rescue her, Rapunzel simply braids her hair into two long rope-like braids, frees herself, and then using her braids as lariats and whips sets out to end the sorceress’s rule once and for all. She meets up with Jack, who is down on his luck until his pet goose finally lays an egg, and together they travel across the deserts and forests, having adventures.

Evaluative Criteria for Fantasy:


Rapunzel is a strong, young woman who waits for no prince. Her curiosity leads her to uncover the truth about the woman who she thought was her mother. This causes her to be locked in a tower away from everyone. Motivated by her desire to see Gothel brought to justice, she breaks free from her captor and begins a journey to find the truth about her past,  


The setting of Rapunzel’s Revenge is mainly seen through the illustrations in the book. Since this setting is a fictional fantastical, wild west type place, the illustrations have to show that. There are elements of normalcy mixed with fantasy to create a spectacular setting.

Lesson Plans




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