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Gaiman, N. (2008).  The graveyard book. NY: HarperCollins.


As a toddler, Bod crawls to safety after the attack of his family to a nearby graveyard. He is raised by the ghosts, werewolves, and other cemetery inhabitants. On his journey through childhood and adolescence, he befriends a human girl, helps the spirit of a witch, opens and subsequently escapes a ghoul-gate, dances the Macabray, and even attends school outside of the graveyard, where he confronts the school bullies. The characters in Bod’s life are unique and influential.

Evaluative Criteria for Fantasy:


It is fascinating to see how The Graveyard Book is like a short story collection and also a novel. Each chapter in the book is a different part in Bod’s life, but the story as a whole comes together to form a cohesive novel, creating something new with The Graveyard Book.


This book is set in a graveyard that is Bod’s home. The contemporary setting is displayed through the technology that surrounds Bod even though he is separated from it. At the end of the book, Bod leaves the graveyard for good which signifies his growth.

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