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Eleanor and Park

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Rowell, R. (2013). Eleanor & Park. St. Martin’s Griffin.


Eleanor and Park is one of the great tales of love. The sweet innocence of their young, exciting love is unexpected and devastating. These two character meet on the school bus, and their relationship blossoms from there. They love music and comics and each other. Park and his family become a way of escape for Eleanor which is necessary due to her horrible home life. Her stepfather is abusive and, as we find out in the end of the novel, disgusting. Park allows Eleanor to see the the best side of herself despite what she’s been told for so long, and Park is able to be who he really is with Eleanor.

Commentary and Text Connections:

Eleanor and Park tells the story of two you people separate by things beyond their control. This contemporary realistic fiction novel is great for student in middle school and high school, but it might be too heavy for younger students in the middle grades readers’ group. Readers will be able to live vicariously through the story of Eleanor and Park’s first meeting through to when they are separated. The form of writing is also endearing because of the diary-esque style where the two main characters are writing their own thoughts down for the reader.


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