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Have you ever wondered how in the world techies keep up with all of the blogs they follow? Well, there is a handy tech tool called a feed reader. Basically, a feed reader, or RSS reader, is a browser add-on program designed to gather and display RSS feeds according to user-definable parameters. An RSS reader can reduce the time and effort needed to check online publications for updates. Below is my explanation of what feed reader I’ve chosen and why.

Blog Feed Reader

The feed reader I chose is It is free and is also available on the Web, iOS devices, and Android devices. Feedly is a simple way to build a news feed about your favorite topics. You can group your favorite sites and topics into “collections,” add custom tags or mark an article to “save for later.”
These and other features make it easy to curate the best articles in your personal news feed. Feedly integrates with most social media apps, so sharing interesting things you find is simple.untitled-drawing

Blogs to follow:

School Library Journal

I decided to follow SLJ because it gives a professional yet broad perspective of school libraries for all over the country and even the world. There are book reviews, images and ideas, articles for technology integration, and blog post from current and former librarians. This is a great blog for old and new librarians.  

The Daring Librarian

Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones, The Daring Librarian, is a blogger, a Tweeter, an international Ed Tech speaker, trope and meme archivist, creator of content, a citizen of advocacy, and a resident of social media. Her blogs include social media ideas, book reviews, information about her upcoming events, and other library innovations. Her site also help you by providing links & resources to her keynotes, presentations, and appearances at technology and library conferences.

The Library Voice

I recently met Shannon Hale at the TCEA Librarian Academy, and I know that I needed to follow her blog. She is a great example of how big ideas can come from small places and small people (children!). Her blog features her students, their projects, and what is happening around their school.

YA Book Shelf

The YA Book Shelf blog stood out to me because I recognize the need for following readers of YA Lit. The blog’s tag line is “Bringing you the hottest YA novels & news!” The blog also features reviews, interviews, commentaries, and giveaways. This blog is the perfect for a high school librarian looking to add new and exciting literature to her collection.

The Adventures of Library Girl

Jennifer LaGarde (aka library girl) is the Lead School Library Media Coordinator/Digital Teaching and Learning Specialist for New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, NC.  Her blog is a great resource for librarians who need new ideas. She posts book talks, tips, and videos that will help teachers and librarians provide lessons for their students and colleagues.

My Tumblr



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5 thoughts on “Blogs and more!

  1. Candice, I looked at some of the blogs you are following. I really enjoyed browsing Shannon Hale’s blog. It is really cool how she explains projects, but my favorite part is that she posts multiple examples of student work. I love showing past examples to students when introducing a project, and her blog provides examples for new things I might try!


  2. Candice,
    I also follow The Daring Librarian. I enjoy her posts so much. I am glad to have such great librarian role models to follow.


  3. I had the opportunity to sit in a workshop with Shannon Miller, she is truly awesome and her knowledge base is amazing. Your blog is clear and consise, I too chose Feedly as my blog reader choice.


  4. Looks like we follow some of the same people! I myself really liked, I found it easy to use and of course free!


  5. A good variety of blogs you have described here. There is a lot of great and helpful information in blogs for School Librarians. I saw the School Library Journal and wanted to list it as well. I agree it that it has the professional perspective as well as a broad overview. There is a lot of great info in various categories keeping a librarian informed and up to date in the library world. I also listed the Daring Librarian, love the name of the blog. Another good blog providing a different perspective in the library world, especially the in social media. I am making note of the other blogs you listed for future reference, I always want to keep up with trending information and keep current in any knowledge out there.


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