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Fun New Tech Tools from TCEA 2018


When a teacher returns home from a technology conference, her mind is overloaded with ideas, tools, equipment, software, etc. The most difficult task upon arrival back to campus is how to disseminate information.

Who will enjoy this tool?

Who is already using this site but needs updated information?

Who has no idea how much time this gadget will save in the classroom?

That might sound silly, but I genuinely have those feeling when I come back from TCEA every year. So this year, I decided to write a blog featuring a few of my favorite (and easy to use) takeaways from the conference. I’ve ranked them in order of difficulty and ability to use on a daily basis. This month I am featuring three websites that were brand new and exciting to me, and I will feature a few more in next month’s blog.

I hope you enjoy!

1. Classroom Screen

This short video from explains all the features offered through the site. The only downfall of classroom screen is that it doesn’t have saving capabilities. Thankfully, most of the features don’t really need to be saved because your text and QR codes are usually saved elsewhere.

Here is my example of a simple screen to start class:


2. SlidesCarnival

If you love creating beautiful presentions in PowerPoint or Google Slides, then let me introduce you to! This site has been revolutionary for me. I get very bored using the same templates over and over, and SlidesCarnival has remedied that problem. All the templates are free and are organized by type: simple, creative, elegant, formal, etc.

How beautiful is Constance, right?


3. Digital Breakouts

Breakouts are all the rage in education and around the country. Every major city has an escape room, and students are very familiar with the concept. Breakouts take escape rooms and apply them to your curriculum. BreakoutEdu offers free and paid breakout games as well as digital breakouts. The LHS library has two breakout boxes that can be used to play games from the website.

If you are more interested in a tailor-made breakout, this slides presentation takes you through playing and creating digital breakouts. There are also plenty of already created digital breakouts available online following a simple Google search. While creating a breakout can be time-consuming, it is a creative and inventive tool that will pique student’s interest in your subject matter in a new way.

I recently created a very simple digital breakout about the Olympics.


I hope these tools provide you with some new ideas to use in your classroom or just for your own enjoyment. Next month, I will feature more tools that I am able to practice during the month of March. 




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